*Keratin/Express blowout VS Brazilian blowout*

Have you ever wanted to make your hair stay super straight or even super smooth? Or have you ever wanted to just make it smoother and help with frizz? Well, we are going to go over two major treatments that target similar things but are very different. These are the major differences:


  • Someone who desires straight hair.
  • Will help with anti-frizzing.
  • Can be unhealthy for the hair; has harsh chemicals that are potentially harmful to you, but also to the stylist. (Has toxins in it such as formaldehyde)
  • This is a more permanent treatment. It does not give strength to your hair. Once done, the keratin bonds have been broken which leads to weaker hair strands.  


**This is NOT permanent. Because this treatment is meant to make everyday maintenance a bit easier by creating more smoothness and calming the frizz, when you need it refreshed you have the opportunity to choose when to do that without overprocessing and damaging your hair!

  • No formaldehyde or harsh toxins which lessens the damage to your hair.

At Mouton’s we prefer the less damaging Keratin smoothing treatments and we’ve seen tons of fantastic results. If you are looking for a treatment that will smooth your hair, take out the frizz and give you the option to refresh your treatment without damaging your hair, we highly recommend our Keratin treatments. We will not promise you stick straight hair “a’la” Brazilian Blowout, but we will promise you healthy, smooth, frizz-free, & beautiful hair. For more information on the keratin treatment, please check out the website at https://keratincomplex.com/pages/keratin-smoothing-treatment-services.

Not just a Salon... But an Experience.


At Mouton’s Salon we focus on you, your hair and your desired results.  Our team of talented hairdressers will provide you with a thorough consultation on each visit to determine how we can effectively achieve the look you are seeking.

We specialize in matching your color and your cut to your bone structure, your skin tone, your lifestyle and your look.

A Cut
A Color and Cut
A Color
A Perm
A strategically placed group of Extensions
A change from curly with a Smoothing Treatment

If it is your hair, it is our business, our pleasure and our difference to you.

What Our Clients Say

The staff is just incredible and I truly feel like family. Shae has been doing my hair now for about 7 years and her growth as a colorist and stylist has just been amazing! I always walk out of the Salon feeling like a million bucks. I tell all those who listen just how incredible your Salon is. –Shari S.

Everyone at Mouton is friendly and provides excellent customer service. Kaylee is a great stylist. She gets my taste and preferences and helps me to achieve a professional style that is easy to maintain. –Anonymous

Love this salon. The front desk staff were so personal and friendly. My new stylist I love!!! She took the time to listen and discuss what I was looking for in a new style and she nailed it!!! This is my new hair home. Thank you. Cheryl Q.

This was my first time at Mouton’s Salon. Bekah did an amazing job, she took me back to her chair and we talked about what I was looking for. She went over hair care and maintenance for colorer hair. I had an idea of what I was looking for and Bekah hit it out of the park. Absolutely in love with my hair! Thank you Bekah and Mouton’s staff for the hospitality. –Cheyenne S.

Oh my goodness. I needed to new stylist so badly- I asked around and my mom-in-law recommended Mouton’s Salon. I was able to get a walk in- unheard of- with an elite stylist, Sherri, and she was absolutely amazing!!! I was amazed at her ability to take what I was saying, the pictures I showed, and created a completely new look. She took time to hear why I wanted it cut my hair too- a lot of length- and made sure I was certain- which I appreciated before a big chop. She made me feel comfortable, with good conversation and professional attitude!! I’m coming back and I’ve already recommended her to all my peeps. You’re amazing Sherri, bless you!! –Nicole A.

As Always, it was a pleasurable experience! I received a haircut that complimented my hair, the shape of my face, and my age. All delivered by the VERY talented Victoria. I feel welcome and made to feel special from the moment I walk in the door until I leave. Overall, a great experience. –Gloria L.

Tracy does an excellent job of cutting & styling my natural curly hair. –Sue C.

From the moment you walk in the door everyone greets you and makes you feel welcome. I love my stylist, Laura, who always does an excellent job! I highly recommend coming to this Salon. –Sandy M.

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