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Dressing Up Everyday

Mouton Salon - Friday, July 25, 2014
It seems almost impossible for us to do anything cute with our hair when the temperature averages 95 degrees outside. Can you relate? One of our go - to hairstyles in the summer is a "Dressed Up Ponytail". It's best to start with hair that is clean and has a bit of texture in it. Add volume to your crown, and then secure your ponytail with a band. For a more polished look, choose a color that is close to your current hair color. If needed, use a flat iron, or curling iron to curl and flip pieces in the ponytail or bangs. Insider tip: Don't pull your ponytail so tight that you have no volume left. Take the flat part of a teasing comb, and loosen the sides to add volume above the ears. Need more direction? Check out our video tutorials on our website or find us on YouTube. 

What are your go - to hairstyles for the summer? 

Breaking Down Balayage

Mouton Salon - Thursday, July 17, 2014

Have you heard the buzz about balayage? It is a technique that has been around for years, but has regained popularity recently. Balayage is simply a color technique. Color is applied strategically in a "free-handed" fashion to your hair, as opposed to using foil or papers. "Because balayage is almost like painting the hair, the color can be applied to the roots to create a more natural hair tone with fewer streaks," according to For clients seeking more contrast, this is a great option. 

Photo Credit: Mouton's Salon, stylist, Teresa McGaha. Milan. 

Traveling Light

Mouton Salon - Friday, July 11, 2014
So, you are headed out of town. Don't forget to bring your favorites with you! All of Kerastase's travel sized products are TSA compliant, which means you won't have to use whatever mystery shampoo the hotel you are staying at provides. Protect your color and your style. Vacations are supposed to be stress-free, and if you bring these beauties with you, that's one less thing to stress about. 

Product Feature: Kerastase Nutritive Touche Perfection

Mouton Salon - Wednesday, July 02, 2014

This week, we would like to introduce to a summer must have of ours, Nutritive Touche Perfection by Kerastase. It's a balm, that is applied to dry ends, and it's an absolute lifesaver! You can use this on strands that are wet or dry. We recommend you throw this in your summer bag. Chlorine, and ocean water can cause havoc on your gorgeous hair, so fight back with this nourishing balm. Like all Kerastase products, a little goes a long way! Stop by our salon and pick up yours today! 

We're Following...

Mouton Salon - Thursday, June 19, 2014

Say hello to Mallory...this is an in-house image from our latest shoot.  

People often ask which fashion blogs Mouton's Salon follows.   While everyone on our team probably has several more to add to this list, here are a few that we like....

And for the gentleman.....

Bronde is The Best of Both Worlds

Mouton Salon - Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Are you one of those people who change their mind about hair color on a daily basis? Do you wake up on Tuesdays wanting to be blonde, and Wednesdays wanting to be a brunette? You're in luck, because we may have a solution for you. One of the hottest hair colors this season is called 'Bronde' because it equally embodies the best of both the blonde and brunette world. If you like being borderline, we suggest giving Bronde a try!

Learn Out Loud Class

Mouton Salon - Saturday, April 19, 2014

One of the core values at Mouton Salon is continuing our education. It's very important for us to stay ahead of the game in the industry, so when it comes to offering suggestions to our clients, we are fully equipped with the freshest ideas. We recently hosted a Wella Urban Native class, where we learned about the 2014 Spring/Summer trends and got to practice our new found knowledge on each other! It was a blast. If you're ready to do something fun & new this summer, we've got an arsenal of ideas to share with you. 

Transform Your Hair with Initialiste

Mouton Salon - Saturday, April 12, 2014
We absolutely love Kerastase Initialiste. It has been a transformational product in the lives of our clients and employees alike! Initialiste is a scientific blend of ingredients that provides the hair with superlative benefits. The serum is committed to enhance shine, strength, softness, and substance. When all four of these are achieved, hair is at its peak performance. If you've been thinking about trying Initialiste for awhile, there isn't a better time. We guarantee you will see results in less than two weeks! All of our staff is knowledgable on this product, so feel free to ask us any questions if you have any. 

Brunette Bob

Mouton Salon - Friday, March 28, 2014
We think brunettes are able to have just as much fun as blondes! Especially with this spunky, brunette, bob hairstyle explained by Teresa. Andrea's bob is extremely versatile, which makes styling easy for all different occasions. The height created on top, gracefully elongates her face to show off her beautiful facial features. Watch the video to see how you can transform your classic bob shape! 

Blonde Pixie Inspo

Mouton Salon - Friday, March 21, 2014
Teresa demonstrates how to take a blonde pixie to a whole new level of sassiness & sophistication through some easy styling techniques! This style would look beautiful on all different colors of pixies and can easily be worn during the day into the night. Watch the video below if you need some inspiration for your already established pixie or are thinking about taking the pixie plunge during your next visit at Moutons!



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