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Sombre This Summer

Mouton Salon - Monday, July 13, 2015

This trend just seems to hang on season by season. It started as the bold ombre, and people just find new ways to reinvent this trend. Why do you think that is? It certainly is a way to have fun with your color, while remaining relatively "maintenance free". Typically the progression starts with a darker color at your roots, and gradually transcends into a lighter hue at the ends. Personally, we love this trend. What do you think of Jessica Alba's sombre? It's the subtle take of the bold ombre? We are constantly perfecting our technique through continuing education to deliver the best results to you. So bring your pictures in for inspiration, and let us work our magic. 

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Iconic Curls

Mouton Salon - Tuesday, July 07, 2015
There are just some women lucky enough to have iconic curls, and Meg Ryan is one of them. Her natural curl produces amazing texture, and we often receive requests from clients to mimic her look. Did you know that you can enhance your natural curl with heat styling? It's easy to add a few curls either with a flat iron, round iron, or even a round brush and hair dryer. Place the curls around your face and at the crown to complete your look. Just make sure you protect your hair from the heat with product first, and use a holding spray if needed to set the style. Another way to add depth to your look is through the use of color. By adding highlights and/or lowlights to your existing color, you can create an image of fuller looking hair. Sneaky, huh? Ask your stylist for tips to enhance curl through styling and with color. Happy Styling! 

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Frizz Free Styling

Mouton Salon - Monday, June 29, 2015

There are many ways to reduce frizz during styling, but if you are looking for a quick fix that just so happens to be ultra luxurious try Kerastase Fluidissime. It offers complete anti-frizz care, heat protection, and adds shine and smoothness to your at-home blowout. This translucent no-rinse lotion reduces friction, and protects the hair fiber during styling. It disciplines even the frizziest and most stubborn hair into a blissful submission of beauty. Blow-dry styling becomes a true pleasure in an instant. For even more pampering, we recommend the shampoo and conditioning balm as well. Happy Styling! 

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Volume and Shine This Season

Mouton Salon - Sunday, June 21, 2015

It may just be the warm temperatures outside, but are in the mood for a fresh cut & beautiful color. Ok, so we are always in the mood for both. Elsa Pataky, who recently launched a Hibiscus flavored drink with Schwepps, has both, and we think she looks beautiful! If you notice, she does have a bit of new growth at her roots, but the rest of her color is so shiny and radiant, you hardly notice. We like that her curls aren't perfectly uniform. She has volume and loads of shine in this look. If you are needing help in these departments we recommend L'Oreal Professional's Lumino Contrast. It is specifically formulated to brighten, repair, and enhance multi-dimensional blonde and highlighted hair, and it's in stock at Mouton's Salon. Which means more shine, less tangles, and volume during styling. Happy Styling! 

A Summer With Style

Mouton Salon - Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Summer is definitely here. You can feel it the second you step out the door. It's warm in all areas of the country, and most parts of the world. If you are needing another style to add to your arsenal of "Get Every Hair Off My Face & Neck" look, then take inspiration from Sarah Hyland. This image is from an event last year, but the style is classic. It is "on trend" all year round. As you can see, her hair doesn't appear to be super clean. These styles are easiest to achieve if your hair is a little dirty. You can always fake it by adding L'Oreal Professional Fresh Dust, just to add a bit of texture. The actual position of the but is important too, it provides balance to your look. We recommend using bobby pins close to your existing hair color, and using a teasing comb to add volume to the bun before pinning. If you are going for a tight, smooth bun, that's a different look all together. Decide which look you want before you begin. If your hair is shorter, consider a low bun for a chique look. Also remember that this look isn't perfect. Every piece doesn't have to be in an exact place. If you are lucky enough to catch a breeze, and it moves your hair around a bit, just go with it. At least you will look cool, even if you don't feel like it. Happy Styling!

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Less Breakage, More Shine

Mouton Salon - Monday, June 08, 2015

If you are one to find yourself constantly battling with you hair, you may ask yourself what you are doing wrong? Or rather, what can you do to make styling your hair more of a joy? If you sit in one of our chairs, you will hear our entire team preach the same message, "Protect your hair from heat styling". Heat styling includes: the blow dryer, flat iron, round iron, curlers, and any other tool that uses heat to style your hair. The Kerastase Thermique line is a heat-protective blow dry primer for dry, sensitized hair. You apply this to protect your hair when it is damp, and it acts a shield between damaging heat and your hair. It nourishes the fiber of the hair, and smooths away dullness for an intense shine. Plus, it prevents breakage! Of course the consistency is perfect too. It works with ALL hair types from baby fine, to coarse. Ask your Mouton's Salon stylist to use this at your next appointment, and take one home for happy styling between visits! #travelinghairdresser

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Voluminous Curls

Mouton Salon - Saturday, May 30, 2015

Curly hair has created quite a name for itself over the years. Most people have a love-hate relationship with their curls. They complain about the volume, the frizz, that the curls "have a mind of their own". We admit, we agree at times. Leave to to the professionals though to give you tools and techniques to help manage what others would love to have. 

First, the cut makes all the difference! Curls can be fussy, and most of the time more volume isn't always what you are going for. A well-trained stylists knows that subtle layers will control the volume and let your curls do their own thing (because you know they are going to anyways, #amiright?). Your stylist is also aware of your texture. Whether it's fine, medium, thick, or coarse; that plays a huge difference in the style you need. 

The right products also help to enhance your style. Choosing ingredients like argan, and find a curl enhancing creme, that your curls love. These tend to eliminate frizz too. Both of the lines we offer our clients, Kerastase & L'Oreal Professional, have awesome products for curl lovers. 

Lastly, how you style your hair makes a huge difference in loving or hating your curls. If you are going for the natural look, we recommend after products to let your hair dry naturally, or to use a diffuser to speed up the drying process. Remember, to keep your hands out of your hair as much as possible. This tends to increase frizz dramatically. For more styling tips, ask your favorite Mouton's stylist. We are here to help. Happy Styling #moutonsalon #travelinghairdresser 

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Fresh Dust To The Rescue

Mouton Salon - Wednesday, May 27, 2015

One of our bloggers had a hair emergency yesterday. Meaning, she should have taken a shower after gym, lunch, and errands, rather than taking a nap. She was getting ready for an event, and to her horror realized that her hair needed more love & time than she had to give. It just wasn't working. It doesn't matter how great your outfit, or your makeup are, don't forget to style your hair! She admits using L'Oreal Fresh Dust the day before, and after rinsing off the gym earlier that day, but will another layer do any good? The answer is yes! Yay! She applied Fresh Dust to her part, around her hairline, and then basically all over. Let's be honest, the whole thing needed to be fresh- but that wasn't going to happen. After you spray the product, let it set for a moment, then use the tips of your fingers to run them over everywhere you've sprayed. This will activated the magical ingredients that absorb the oil, giving you a fresh look! She teased her crown, and pinned a small section back, then used L'Oreal Professional Freezing Mist Hairspray.

Fresh Dust is a wonderful product to have in your arsenal, especially when naps take priority over showers. 

Beautiful Color For Summer

Mouton Salon - Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Did you watch the 2015 American Billboard Music Awards, which aired on Sunday from Las Vegas? Jennifer Lopez, who is never one to disappoint wore a Charbel Zoe couture gown. She and other musical icons seemed to all receive the fashion memo that cut-outs are in apparently. Rita Or, Taraji P. Henson, Iggy Azalea, and Taylor Swift were among the other stars that rocked cut outs, sheer, and all together well toned abs. But enough about the couture. We are in love with her cut and color! Do you agree? The color she is rocking, is just beautiful with her skin tone. It's a modern take on the ombre, with a subtle transformation from dark roots to a perfect summer blond at the ends. Her smokey eye only enhances her color, and her nude lip just draws your attention to her beautiful color. It's absolutely gorgeous! Do you change your hair color throughout the seasons? Are you one to lighten your color as the heat increases? Our stylists at Mouton's Salon are professionally trained through an extensive in-house internship. Furthermore, we believe that teamwork makes your dream work! It is not uncommon for one stylist to consult another on the best plan to create the color you desire. Take it as a sign of professionalism. We want to create the most beautiful color for you, while maintaing the integrity of your hair, and being respectful of your time. Give our salon a call to schedule your next appointment! 

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Signature Look

Mouton Salon - Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Do you have a signature look that you have worn for years (and years), or are you thinking of someone who does? When you find a style that matches your personality, and looks great with your face shape, and the structure of your body, why not go for it? Anna Wintour has carried this look for years, with variation to her color and slight variation to the shape. Is there a hairstyle that you have worn in the past that you loved? There are always modern variations to wear it in the present day. Bring in a hairstyle that you liked to your favorite Mouton's stylist, and see if it's something you can pull off today. Happy Styling! #moutonsalon #travelinghairdresser

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